Our software for controlling UAV is developed in a platform independent way. Thus, it is up to you to decide if you want to use a Windows, MacOS X or Linux laptop to use with your system. It simply will work. We recommend, though, using the MacBook Pro 13” with BootCamp Windows, but again, it is up to you to decide which hardware & software you want to use.

The ground software has been developed using all the lesson learnt with the contact of UAV operators. While other systems have a complete set of parameters stored in the computer and another completely different set on board, our system shows what is receiving from the auto-pilot. This reduces catastrophic omissions (e.g. Forget to upload a waypoint) and considerably simplifies system operations.

Again, following this philosophy, what is drawn on the map is what the UAV intends to do, always. You will be able to see the planned course of action at every moment and modify its flight in real-time

The map engine connects to the internet and fetches georeferenced maps and present them for you. You do not have to manually load maps and worry about their aligment. And if, during your mission, you spot something of interest, you will be able to guide there the UAV with a single click on the interface.

And, having in mind making your life easier as an operator, you can convert the recorded flight file into MatLab® or Excel® files for further analysis. Additionally, if you are interested in modifying the control parameters, you can get the Gains Tuning option.



U-See + Gains Tuning

Maps from the Internet

Real-time mission planning

Data Export

Mission Review

Servo  adjustment

Gains Tuning



  • U-See2.420 €
  • U-See + Gains Tuning4.620 €



  • Maps from the Internet. There is no need to download the maps before the use.
  • Simple program interface. Easy configuration and use.
  • A one-click destination mode is implemented in all modes across all the vehicles. Have you seen something that deserves more detail? Send the UAV there!
  • What is shown in the screen is always what the UAV has on its on-board systems. You don’t have to think if you uploaded the flight plan. If you see it on screen, it is on plane.
  • You can save the flight data and play it once finished and also export the data to Matlab or Excel to further analysis.
  • You can edit the stored runway location, the flightplan and the Bingo Time
  • You can also edit the operational parameters in real-time (speed, altitude, etc.)
  • Servo adjust is easily done with the software.
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