U-Camera EO / IR



Airelectronics offers U-Camera as a gyro stabilized solution for users that need video stabilization on airborne surveillance platforms.

Due to its light weight and reduced size, U-Camera is suitable for small and medium sized UAVs, both rotary and fixed wing. Stabilization is done using brushless motors, obtaining a fast and smooth response to the vehicle perturbations.

U-Camera provides various modes for stabilization, including commanded angles, commanded rates, safe mode and pilot mode. The safe mode protects the lens against impacts that may occur during take-off and landing with small UAVs.

The video module used in U-Camera provides a standard definition video output suitable for standard video transmitter. The camera provides 10x optical zoom along with several image tunning options.

As Airelectronics U-Pilot, U-Camera is powered by FPGA technology, allowing a performance and  capabilities above the competitors. Using a Serial RS-232 standard interface, U-Camera can be easily integrated in a diverse range of flight control systems. U-Camera provides pan-tilt stabilization, so flight disturbances are no longer an issue for video surveillance and recording.



  • U-Camera EO15.800 €
  • U-Camera IR26.500 €



  • Identical FPGA Architecture to U-Pilot
  • Compatible with any Flight Control System
  • Attitude estimation and control at 1000Hz
  • Gimbal/Electronics weight: 498/80 gr
  • FOV angle: 46 to 4.6 degrees-
  • Safe mode protects the lens during take-off and landing
  • Onboard GPS sensor for better estimation accuracy.