U-Ground OEM



The ground hardware is the link between our on-board solution and the computer that finally controls the UAV.

This system has an integrated GPS and standard PWM outputs to allow the steering of directional antennas towards the UAV to maintain a stable video link.

Also, it provides the manual override function, by connecting any standard Futaba PCM 1024 transmitter with a trainer port to the hardware. In that way, the operator can fly in manual mode wih the very familiar interface of a futaba emitter, while keeping all its funcionality (exponential settings in control, mixtures, etc.)



  • External radiolink3.890 €
  • Default setup2.630 €



  • Slim design for a minimum volume ocupation
  • Low power consumption
  • Interfaces with standard Futaba Trainer Port. Your pilot will be already familiar with the controller
  • Up to 100 km of data-link