The new U-Station integrates the technology required to provide a stable video and data link inside a single enclosure. With its integrated battery and a voltage LCD display, U-Station is a standalone, easy-to-deploy device.

The station has only a single USB output towards the computer, providing both video and telemetry link, and only requires a second cable to connect the Futaba 1024Z controller.

The single-box design allows the operator to make an easy deployment and manual pointing of its directional video antenna.

The U-Station also maintains all the features of the classic U-Ground, such as manual override of the UAV, computer independence and the low power consumption.



  • U-Station 6.480 €



  • Up to 100 km omnidirectional data-link
  • Low power consumption
  • Interfaces with standard Futaba Trainer Port. Your pilot will be already familiar with the controller
  • Integrated battery
  • Single USB cable to computer providing both video and data link
  • Directional video antenna
  • Militar connectors
  • Voltage display