U-Detection makes use of previously trained neural networks to automatically recognize entities on the video feed privided by the aircraft on-board camera. It is able to process high definition video in real time and provide the processed video via an HDMI or Ethernet link. It supports up to four USB devices on the same board.

Provided with U-Detection is a High Definition USB camera. This product is abailable both as a finished product on a ruggedized aluminium case and as an OEM board for other integration options.

If your use case requires training a new neural network, new neural networks can be trained on-demand to be run on the U-Detection system. We also provide pre-trained neural networks for specific use cases, if any of these is good for your specific use case, you can also acquire it alon with U-Detection.

U-Detection is 100% compatible with existing Airelectronics products.


  • U-Detection 8.000 €



  • Detects elements on video feeds in real time using neural networks
  • High Definition video resolution up to 4K
  • Ethernet and HDMI video outputs
  • Up to 4 USB video devices
  • On-demand training of neural networks
  • Pretrained neural networks available