U-Pilot OEM



Our on-board hardware can fly equally fixed and rotary wing aircrafts during all the extent of its mission: from take-off to landing, always in automatic mode with a manual override option.

The advanced technology used and its dual CPU approach allows to update our attitude estimation and control loop lightning fast (1 kHz), allowing the control of the most unstable and dynamic platforms while we still manage to handle several payloads in parallel.

Its radio-link operates in 900MHz frequency band which allows ranges in excess of 100 km. Although if you were to be too ambitious, the autopilot would return the system home automatically.

And of course, if as our costumer you want some extra capability, we would develop it promptly for you.

NOTE: Due to legal restriction on frequency use, the frequency of the datalink may be 900MHz, 1.4GHz, or 2.4GHz. Contact us if you have any doubt.



  • Fixed Wing - Standard4.665 €
  • Fixed Wing - Triple sensor6.865 €
  • Fixed Wing - Triple sensor - External radiolink8.125 €
  • Rotary Wing - Standard7.965 €
  • Rotary Wing - Triple sensor7.965 €
  • Rotary Wing - Triple sensor - External radiolink9.225 €



  • Slim design for a minimum volume ocupation
  • Its hardware architecture is safe by design: a CPU is solely dedicated to fly the plane without making any blocking operation.
  • Up to 100 km of data-link range
  • Great GPS performance with its on-board 184 channel receiver and RTK support
  • Automatic return home functionality in case of loss of COMMs. Either direct or planned backtrack route configurable in real-time
  • Soaring capability to give you more time in air
  • Top of the line MEM sensors: up to ±16G and 1200 °/s dynamics detection
  • Up to 26 PWM outputs and 8 RS-232 or 4 RS-485 serial port for all your needs.
  • 3 Available 12-bit ADC channels
  • Up to 200 Way-points
  • Fully automatic mission control
  • Automatic Take-off and Landing
  • Support for dual radio-link on-board for maximum safety during flights