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Neural Networks (U-Detection)


U-Pilot is currently available in the standard version (with enclosure) and the slim OneBoard version, making sure it can fit any vehicle.

U-Pilot mounted in Fixed Wing

U-Pilot mounted in planes of different characteristics, sizes and weights.

U-Pilot mounted in a Hexacopter

This hexacopter is a commercial platform made by MikroKopter. It can act as a first very affordable trainer for clients interested in development of UAV capabilities with rotary wing UAVs

U-Pilot mounted in a Helicopter

U-Pilot can control helicopters of any swashplate, weight and configuration.


Neural Networks (U-Detection)

Marine Detection (NN)

Real time Marine Neural Network for Boats, Marine Live and Swimmers

Shark Detection (NN)

Automatic young shark detection with HD camera on the coast



Synthetic voice in U-See

New feature Synthetic voice in U-See

Singular Aircraft Flyox in Spain

U-See software commanding 3.500 Kg Flyox UAV for full automa


U-Camera IR

U-Camera IR Fixed Wing

U-Camera IR installed on SuperSkywalker

U-Camera IR Rotary Wing

U-Camera IR installed on Benzine helicopter

U-Camera IR Camera Guided

U-Camera IR camera guided mode.



Video Stabilization and Tracking

Real time on board video stabilization, high frequency stabi


U-Camera installed on SuperSkywalker with less than 3.5kg MT

U-Camera Benzine 02

U-Camera installed on Benzine Kit helicopter for surveillanc

U-Camera Benzine 01

U-Camera installed on Benzine Kit helicopter for surveillanc


Airports birds control

UAVs used in Spanish airports to avoid the impact of birds w

Traffic Awareness

New U-See feature to detect other air traffic and integrate

Singular Aircraft Flyox in NATO air base

Airelectronics U-Pilot on the Flyox project. Fully automatic

RPAS Atlantic high performance unmanned system

ATLANTIC is an RPAS designed and manufactured by SCR.


Mosquito Helicopter

240 Kg MTOW Helicopter flying 100% in automatic mode

Flight Plan

Helicopter automatically following a flight plan

Automatic Take-Off

Benzine Helicopter automatic Take-Off

Automatic Landing

Benzine Helicopter automatic landing




Octocopter automatic take-off and landing

Hexacopter External

Assisted manual mode flight

Auto Take-Off & Land

100% automatic take-off and landing. No human intervention a