X8 Flying Wing Kit (3rd Party)



Flying wing X8 is the ideal platform to put a payload in the air if you're aiming to higher weights or endurance than the Skywalker UAV is able to provide.

Based on COTS materials (Commercial off-the-shelf), this flying wing is adapted to become a complete UAV solution. It's composite/EPO structure makes this plane really light (2.2kg without payload) and capable of handling up to 2.3 kg of cameras, batteries, etc.

The X8 flying wing is controlled by the fully tested Airelectronics U-Pilot, fitted in the front side of the cargo bay free to leave the maximum volume space available for payload. U-Pilot can be configured to handle any kind of payload and has pointing and georeference capabilities among others.

With an standard computer, the system will be  ready to flight. The vehicle can flight autonomously from take-off to landing, so the operator doesn't need any previous flight experience. Through the computer, using Airelectronics U-See software, the user can plan, fly and modify the UAV mission in real time.  The following pictures show some application examples.

System Diagram   System U-Station Diagram

The U-See software and U-Pilot provide additional features such as battery status, engine data, Eco-Flight (use the atmospheric activity to maximize the endurance) or even thermal soaring.




  • Up to 2.2 kg of Payload
  • 55-110 km/h speed range
  • 2.12 m wingspan
  • Up to 3 hours endurance
  • EPO/Composites frame
  • Easy bungee launch
  • Conventional landing
  • Ideal for topography, surveillance and remote sensing
  • Optimum price-quality relationship