U-Sol K-50 (Not available) (3rd Party)



The K-50 is smallest vehicle of the U-Sol "K" series. With an MTOW of 50 kilograms and a 5 meters wingspan it has been developed to cover the requirements of investigation centers that need to use UAV systems to perform flight testing with a small budget.

K-50 is made of mixed materials: Fuselage is made of glass fiber, meanwhile the wings are made of composites. It has a 600 Watts alternator, meant to power the experiment systems.

It has a 20kg payload and a fuel capacity of 20 litres that allows the K-50 to reach a 5 hours endurance.



  • Maximum Take-off Weight: 50 kg
  • Maximum Payload 20 kg
  • 5 hours endurance
  • Built with glass fiber and composites