Super Skywalker Kit (3rd Party)



The Super Skywalker Kit is the perfect platform to perform surveillance tasks. This low cost vehicle carries the U-Camera system, so it can transmit on real time high quality stabilized videos.

The plane is made of COTS (Commercial Of The Shelf) materials and adapted to become a complete UAV. The composite and EPO structure provide a very lightweight plane that can be hand-launched. The low weight also allows the plane to land on almost any surface without damaging the fuselage. Due to the 40% increment of wingspan with regard to the Skywalker Kit and its long endurance batteriy, this plane can fly over, at least, 2'5 hours.

The plane is controlled by the ultra-tested U-Pilot, embedded within the fuselage. U-Pilot is capable of handling the U-Camera system, providing a georeferred video stream.

With an standard computer, the system is ready to fly. The Super Skywalker Kit can fly autonomously from take-off to landing, so the operator does not need previous experience. Using a computer with U-See, the user can plan, perform and modify the mission in real time, as well as, controlling the performance of U-Camera. The next diagram show the application example.

U-See software and U-Pilot provide some additional features such as the battery status, motor data, Eco-Flight (fly taking advantage of the atmospheric activity to maximize the endurance) or even thermal soaring.




  • Fully autonomous: no human intervention required during flight
  • Real time video feed using a video transmitter
  • Real time battery monitoring
  • Thermal soaring taking advantage of atmospheric energy
  • Hull renovation: if your hull results damaged we will supply you a new one
  • The plane integrate the U-Camera system
  • Long endurance flight