Octocopter Kit (3rd Party)



The octocopter kit is the ideal platform to carry heavy payloads when rotary wing capabilities are required.

The octocopter frame is made of carbon fiber and light materials obtaining a total empty weight, including motors and wiring, of 4.0 kg. The legs of the vehicle allow the multirotor to safely land even when the terrain is not completely horizontal. The equipped rotors make the octopoter capable of reaching a maximum takeoff weight of 9 kilograms, with 5 free kilograms for payload and batteries.

Being handled by our U-Pilot Flight Control system fully autonomous operation is attained. From take-off to land the flight control will fly the UAV without problem. The system is controlled in real-time trough the usage of U-See software running on any conventional computer. 

Equipped with a camera, this frame becomes an affordable platform for Precision Agriculture, high-tension tower examination or surveillance.




  • Carry up to 5 kilograms of payload.
  • Stable and simple, electrical motors system.
  • Completely autonomous operation: from Take-Off to Landing.