Benzine Kit (3rd Party)



The Benzine Kit is a perfect starting point when pursuing rotary wing UAV capabilities.

It is based in the inmensily popular Vario Benzine RC Helicopter addapted to be used with our U-Pilot Flight Control Solution. Autonomous flight capability is gained through this system and enables users to train personnel in operation with rotary wing UAVs without compromising bigger more expensive vehicles.

Besides, equipped with a camera, it becomes an affordable feature complete UAV that can be used to examine hight-tension towers,  crop observation, forestal fire evaluation, security watch, etc.

Being controled by our U-Pilot Flight Control system fully autonomous operation is attained. From take-off to land the flight control will fly the UAV without problem. The system is controlled in real-time trough the usage of U-See software running on any conventional computer.




  • Based in the commercial Vario Benzine Trainer
  • Easily available spare parts
  • Completely autonomous operation: from Take-Off to Landing