Expal Shepherd (3rd Party)



The Shepherd is built to imitate the looks of a rapacious bird.

This allows observation from sky going undetected on ground: nobody suspects of a bird flying-by. While in flight is very difficult to tell apart from a real bird.

It looks so real that the sheperd is also great for pest control in locations where birds are a problem: airports, ports, wind farms, etc. The birds recognise the shepherd as a predator for them and leave the area. The shepherd presents a solution effective against bird pest without the problems associated with cetrery. It does not need to sleep, does not stop working breeding season, does not need to change plumage, etc.

When combined the fantastic and realistic looks with the Airelectronics' flight control system a very capable UAV appears: allowing very discreet over the hill survillance, it also can be applied to the automatition of pest control by allowing inexpert users to manage the flight of the platform, making the controlled zones free of bird pest.

More information will be coming soon for this product.




  • Imitates the looks of rapacious bird
  • It looks so real that pigeons, seagulls and other pest-kind bird will flee the area.