U-RadioLink is an accesory to the U-Ground. It provides a secondary radio-link which enables diversity operation in the command data-link. This accesory enables the usage of a combination of omnidirectional and directional antenna to reach farther.

It is also ideal for customer who want to install the U-Ground in places were routing the RF cables is not an option: The output signal is an RS-232 electrical signal enabling antennas as far as 100m from the U-Ground hardware.

Change between primary and secondary radio-link is managed in hardware by the U-Ground and it is completely transparent for the user.

Available product options are:

  • OEM: Just the electronics PCB. Ideal for client integration
  • Boxed: Unit enclosured in aluminium case
  • Pack: Unit enclosured in aluminium case, plus 10dBi yagi antenna, plus mounting tripod and necessary extra harness

Notes: The aerial harness for the external radio-link micro-D connector is always included into the price



  • U-RadioLink Boxed2.310 €
  • U-RadioLink OEM1.860 €
  • U-RadioLink Pack3.660 €



  • Sold at different levels of readiness to make customer integration easier.
  • Enables remote location of antennas without long RF cables
  • Diversity is managed in hardware and completely transparent for the user