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Neural Networks (U-Detection)


U-Pilot is currently available in the standard version (with enclosure) and the slim OneBoard version, making sure it can fit any vehicle.

U-Pilot mounted in Fixed Wing

U-Pilot mounted in planes of different characteristics, sizes and weights.

U-Pilot mounted in a Hexacopter

This hexacopter is a commercial platform made by MikroKopter. It can act as a first very affordable trainer for clients interested in development of UAV capabilities with rotary wing UAVs

U-Pilot mounted in a Helicopter

U-Pilot can control helicopters of any swashplate, weight and configuration.


Neural Networks (U-Detection)

Multicopter Detection (NN)

Automatic multicopter detection with moving HD camera

Vulture Detection (NN)

Automatic flying vulture detection with moving HD camera

Shark Detection (NN)

Automatic young shark detection with HD camera on the coast


U-Camera IR

U-Camera IR Fixed Wing

U-Camera IR installed on SuperSkywalker

U-Camera IR Rotary Wing

U-Camera IR installed on Benzine helicopter

U-Camera IR Camera Guided

U-Camera IR camera guided mode.



Video Stabilization and Tracking

Real time on board video stabilization, high frequency stabi


U-Camera installed on SuperSkywalker with less than 3.5kg MT

U-Camera Benzine 02

U-Camera installed on Benzine Kit helicopter for surveillanc

U-Camera Benzine 01

U-Camera installed on Benzine Kit helicopter for surveillanc


Singular Aircraft Flyox in NATO air base

Airelectronics U-Pilot on the Flyox project. Fully automatic

RPAS Atlantic high performance unmanned system

ATLANTIC is an RPAS designed and manufactured by SCR.

MTOW = 450 kg

Proud to contribute with the autopilot to the project. 100% automatic flight from Take-off to Landing. MTOW = 450 kg


Atlantic UAV taking off and landing 100% automatic with DGPS


Flight Plan

Helicopter automatically following a flight plan

Automatic Take-Off

Benzine Helicopter automatic Take-Off

Automatic Landing

Benzine Helicopter automatic landing




Octocopter automatic take-off and landing

Tower inspection

TV tower communications antennas inspection

Hexacopter External

Assisted manual mode flight

Auto Take-Off & Land

100% automatic take-off and landing. No human intervention a