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Airports birds control

Airports birds control

Singular Aircraft Flyox in Spain

Singular Aircraft Flyox in Spain

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A drone that works a

A drone that works as a hydroplane is tested in Quero (Toledo)

At the Quero aerodrome, a Spanish company is conducting tests with a UAV, a pioneering aircraft worldwide with which it will be possible to put out fires and ca... (Read More...)

Schools of Matacán

Schools of Matacán

The Spanish Army has delivered to the group of unmanned aerial systems Schools of Matacán, two new units of the UAVs Tucan developed by the company SCR o... (Read More...)

Babcock to integrate

Babcock to integrate unmanned rotorcraft into firefighting operations

Babcock to integrate unmanned rotorcraft into two RPAs, LUA and LUMES. -The LUA’s maximum takeoff weight stands at 25 kilograms (55 pounds) for a 10 kilo... (Read More...)

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Economy and Industry declares Singular as a company of strategic interest.

Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiviness (MINECO) has communicated via official order on September 29th, that the activity performed by Singular Aircra... (Read More...)

UAVs with operating

UAVs with operating ranges up to 90Km

The DGAM within the tests performed under the RAPAZ project with the RPAS batery of the Artillery division of the ground millitary forces have reached operative... (Read More...)